(also known as Gregor's little toolbox)


The GTLB is a small C++ library of helpful code that I keep reusing across multiple projects. It is open source under a BSD license. The code covers many areas, including

The currently supported platforms are

Older compilers might work but are not tested. The library uses some C++ features which may not be supported on older compilers than the ones listed above.

It should be a rather simple matter to port GLTB to MacOS and iOS, but due to lack of access to the proper hardware this has not yet been done.


Although the library has been used in quite a lot of different situations and quite stable, it is not yet well documented. However, most of the code is rather simple, but tedious platform abstraction and should be easy to understand.


The library is distributed only in source code form. You will have to compile it yourself. The necessary cmake scripts are included.

GLTB is maintained in an SVN repository at